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Carton Packaging

CTP Cartons and Labels source a wide range of substrates in solid and fluted board, using recycled and virgin materials to offer fibre based packaging solutions as an alternative to polystyrene and rigid plastic packaging formats. For more information contact: Lloyd Williams – National Sales Manager –

Carry Packs for beer, wine and beverage products

Our recyclable carry packs can be produced from virgin fibre or recycled fibre as an alternative to plastic shrink wraps.

Fruit & Veg containers and trays

Our fibre based fruit and vegetable trays are fully recyclable and serve as the perfect alternative to polystyrene and rigid plastic trays.

Stackable fruit Cartons

Our recyclable stackable fruit cartons are made from virgin fibre or recycled fibre.

Plastic handle free bag in box cartons

We have engineered a bag in box carton boasting a cutout handle as a replacement for the traditional plastic handle. By re-engineering the traditional bag in box offering we have reduced the environmental impact that this product has on the environment.

Quick service and convenience food containers

Our fast food and convenience fibre based packaging is the ideal alternative to polystyrene and plastic based formats.

Flexible Packaging

CTP Flexibles are developing new packaging solutions which are fit-for-purpose and advance the circular economy. For more information contact Paul Prophet – New Business Development Director

Polyester Replacement

CTP Flexibles are developing a film using Polyethylene to simulate the strength of Polyester film, which is not currently recycled, to make the film recyclable in the 04 stream when manufactured as a multiple laminate.

Product Types

o RTE Warm foods Pouches
o Snacks & Treats Pouches
o Biltong Packaging
o Candy Packaging

Standard Construction

Polyester laminated to polyethylene

Earth Choice Construction

MDO Polyethylene laminated to polyethylene

Polypropylene Replacement

CTP Flexibles together with an international technological partner developing a film that performs as BOPP with the same contact clarity and mechanical strength and will be recyclable in the 04 stream.

Product Types

o Flow wrap fruit Bags
o Form fill & Seal

Standard Construction

30 mic Polypropylene

Earth Choice Construction

30 mic Orientated Polyethylene

Biomass Polyethylene

CTP Flexibles are working towards introducing non-fossil fuel polymers into our current polyethylene range without affecting down-stream technologies.

Product Types

o Fresh Produce Bags
o Banana Bags
o General Use Bags

Standard Construction

Fossil fuels serve as the primary source of materials and are becoming a scarce resource.

Earth Choice Construction

Sugar-cane is converted into ethanol which is dehydrated into polyethylene.

Labels Solutions

Our label printing divisions based in Cape Town and Johannesburg offer a range of label offerings which reduce their client’s environmental footprint.

Linerless Labels

A Self-adhesive film on a silicone liner, specifically engineered to transform into a linerless label. Suitable to high volume, gravure print runs our linerless labels reduce your environmental footprint through a reduced label thickness and with no liner to dispose of.

For more information contact Claudia Agostinelli – Product Manager –

Wetgum Labels

Our Wet gum Labels are paper labels without adhesive, printed in up to six colours and punched or cut to a custom size of your choice. With no backing paper to dispose of, Wetgum Labels reduce your environmental impact relative to Self-adhesive Labels.

For more information contact Jon Williams – Sales Manager –

Hybrid Labels

Hybrid Labels are Wetgum Labels available with all the embellishments and value add techniques of a Self-adhesive Label. With no backing paper to dispose of, Hybrid Labels reduce your environmental impact relative to Self-adhesive Labels.

For more information contact Jon Williams – Sales Manager –

Other Packaging Formats

CTP is working across their various packaging divisions to re-engineer existing packaging constructions within the market to ensure that they environmentally friendly.

For more information contact Claudia Agostinelli – Product Manager –

Margarine Wrappers

Our wrappers are produced using specialised coatings as a replacement for the alumium foil and polyethylene layers in margarine wrappers.

Product Types

o Margarine Wrappers
o Butter Wrappers
o Spread Wrappers

Standard Construction

A layer of aluminium foil is extrusion laminated to polyethylene film and in-line laminated to grease proof paper.
These wrappers are not recyclable.

Earth Choice Construction

We eliminate the aluminium and polyethylene components completely.
Specialised coatings are applied to greaseproof paper to simulate the look of aluminium foil.
These wrappers are recyclable.

Ream Wrapper

We apply specialised barrier coatings to paper as a replacement for film laminated paper for bond paper ream wrapping.

Product Types

o Bond Paper Wrapper

Standard Construction

Low Density Polyethylene or a film is extrusion laminated to paper.
The current construction is not recycled.

Earth Choice Construction

Specialised coatings are applied to paper rendering ream wrappers recyclable.